Work by Artist and Director Pete Gomes

mutantfilm is an independent artist run production company established in 1997. Now working with a full HD set up, mutantfilm produces my own work, commissions and also commissioned works for other organisations and also film and video work for other artists.

My personal work as a filmmaker is intrinsically related to the emergence and development of the internet, and the rise in personal computing. In runs in parallel to the birth and development of and media art, following the same themes, trajectories, and aesthetics; work that often moves forward based on available and emerging technologies and the new ideas they bring. The intention in 1997 was to purposely follow an intersection between cinema, and language of film, and new technology; an intersdisciplinary approach.

Superimposition, optical printing, mattes expanded by technology; explorations in the textures of new technologies and connections to their earliest conceptual and aesthetic roots. I see my films and videos as a network. A non linear path of development, both stylistic or conceptual. They criss-cross and interlink in different ways; a mesh.

In 1995 I was already a filmmaker, using 16mm and 8mm film but it was the early internet which was the most exciting thing going on. In 1997, the initial idea behind the site and my work was to always to make the disciplines of film and cinema my starting point, and combine and expand these with the (1997) on-coming world of internet, new technology, and computing. Before You Tube, Facebook, i-Phone, Google. Tiny pixellated 'Real Player' videos and animated GIF's were the only moving images on the internet. The era of the 'Netscape' browser and "plug-ins". It was the then 'recent' arrival of 'firewire' pointing towards a new cinematic language, so I bastardised the logo, re-making it from strips of super 8 film
and used it on the first website.

Sometimes the work veered towards distribution and audience [parkbenchtv], sometimes new cinematic ideas stemming from 1960's computer film experimentation, Intermedia and Expanded Cinema [cycle], and frequently about new visual and technical ways of producing work [phantasmaton]. I always thought of these as mutations of all forms of cinema, not always entirely new, but slowly altered, an iteration towards the development and nurture of new strains and a new cinematic palette.

As the internet expanded, adapted, and became portable, the need to explain these new concepts of location specific ideas shifted towards more work away from cinema and film making towards performance and locative media. These actions were recorded and presented as split screen performance-videos. With the saturation of the internet with images and video, in recent years my attention has re-focused on the performance and psychology of actors, with an extensive and intense three year period of study as an actor - principally to understand the direction of actors. in performance; a final piece in a jigsaw and move towards finally directing narrative feature films utilising my full palette of concepts, styles and techniques. [pg 2010]

"Pete Gomes is an Film Director and Artist working across all forms of moving image and electronic media. He has collaborated extensively including; Shobana Jeyasingh, Michael Nyman, Errollyn Wallen, Jocelyn Pook, Donnacha Dennehy, Scanner and Throbbing Gristle.

The film and video works cover varied styles and genres using music, documentary, experimental, and narrative techniques.

His works have been shown across Europe, India, Russia, Tasmania, Iceland, South America and USA, including: Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Institute of Contemporary Art, Whitechapel Gallery, Architecture Foundation, Gimpel Fils, Barcelona Centre for Contemporary Culture, Stedelijk Museum, Vienna Museum of Contemporary Art, Leeds International Film Festival, Sonar and others.

He is currently working on a new documentary film about performance art commissioned by Performa 09 and in 2008 his film Round 10 was commissioned by UK Channel 4 and the Arts Council of England and was screened in the UK, Channel Four and ABC Australia.

He is currently working as Writer-Director on his first feature film and new work in performance directing actors."


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